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Buffalo Phil

I am Mrs. Ruland and welcome to my social studies reference page. As a high school social studies teacher, I have been excited with the opportunities available to both students and teachers alike to use the resources available on the Internet to help in the understanding of the social studies discipline. I teach  A.P. U.S. History and  A.P. World History, as well as A.P. Human Geography. I have also been the adviser for the Glenelg Chapter of the National Honor Society, the Mock Trial team and the Model United Nations team. I teach at Glenelg High School, home of the Gladiators, in Glenelg, Maryland.

Important Sites Within My E-Learning Environment

This year I have moved even more things to the virtual classroom environment. I still have not found the single service that offers everything I want, so there are multiple parts to the virtual classroom.

Student Information Form – Completing this form is one of your first assignments.

  • Comcast Site – This is the original part of the site dating to 1997. It is still a very important source of information. In addition to assignment logs and calendars, you will find extensive collection of resources organized in conjunction with course topics.
  • Moodle Site – This is a password protected site. This is the main part of the online virtual classroom. Each course has its own collection of pages containing a variety of interactive activities.
  • HCPSS Google Sites – These are password protected sites that incorporate the full range of Google Apps allowing students to collaborate and continue discussions online. These sites can be accessed using your school login information.
    • Google has just released Google Classroom for Education (8/22). I have not had enough time to delve into the capabilities yet, so I don’t know if this will replace other portions of our cloud world.

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